Career Match

Connecting Who You Are with What You'll Love to Do

 Career Match

Author: Shoya Zichy
Pub Date: June 2017
Print Edition: $17.95
Print ISBN: 9780814438152
Page Count: 304
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Second Edition
e-Book ISBN: 9780814438169

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Many of us share the fantasy that we can do anything and be anyone with just a little more effort. This is an illusion that blocks real development. Growth does not require significant change or that we emulate role models because we are somehow innately inadequate. It does require that we understand and accept the dynamics of our own genuine style—its unique strengths and weaknesses. It also means that in time, we tone down some of our blind spots.

There are many systems for understanding people. This is the one I have found that probes most deeply into the core of human behavior. It confirms that each personality style is natural, equal, observable, and predictable, and that each can be equally effective at work.

Truly exceptional people always do so much more than is required. The only way to do that without severe burnout is from passion born of confidence. You are the right person doing the right thing in the right place and enjoying it. Sound impossible? Not at all, for those who are true to themselves in spite of naysayers, parental expectations, and societal pressures. Use this book to reveal your road to being exceptional.

What Color Q Is Not

Color Q is not the answer to all career problems. It is not a painless shortcut to maturity and wisdom. Most of all, it does not measure the impact of education, intelligence, mental health, special talents, economic status, motivation, drive, or environmental influences on the core personality type. There are billions of unique people on our planet and only four Color groups. If you wonder what that leaves, I say only the deepest, most important part of you—the part that always knows what it really wants and won’t be happy until it gets respect.

The framework is not gender specific. It works equally well for males and females. Men and women are found in each personality style, though in some groups the percentages differ.

Finally, Color Q is not a complete, in-depth Myers-Briggs evaluation. It is a ten-minute self assessment designed to acquaint you with concepts that are applicable to your career and personal life.

What Color Q Is

Color Q is about coding people—ourselves and others. We do it all the time. “He is shrewd and entrepreneurial.” “She is energetic and artistic.” This helps us to group our impressions mentally and store them in the appropriate synapse of our brain for future use.

Color Q is also a tool for understanding the sometimes incomprehensible behaviors of bosses and coworkers (and even friends, dates, and mates). Since so much career advancement depends on your people skills, you’ll find your increased ability to read people perhaps the most valuable outcome of reading this book.

Enjoy this journey.

Excerpted from CAREER MATCH, Second Edition: Connecting Who You Are with What You'll Love to Do by Shoya Zichy with Ann Bidou. Copyright © 2017 by Shoya Zichy. Published by AMACOM Books, a division of American Management Association, New York, NY. Used with permission.

All rights reserved.

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