Talking to Crazy

How to Deal with the Irrational and Impossible People in Your Life

 Talking to Crazy

Author: Mark Goulston
Pub Date: October 2015
Print Edition: $24.95
Print ISBN: 9780814436363
Page Count: 272
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814436370

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Chapter 1: Understanding Crazy

AFTER DECADES as a psychiatrist, I know crazy—and that

includes some serious crazy.

How serious? One of my patients stalked Britney Spears, and

another jumped off a fifth-story balcony because he thought he

could fly. Still another called me from a jail in the Dominican

Republic, saying he was there to start a revolution.

In addition, I’ve worked with 80-pound anorexics, strung-out her-

oin addicts, and hallucinating schizophrenics. I’ve taught hostage

negotiators how to get homicidal criminals to surrender. And these

days, I show CEOs and managers how to deal with out-of-control

people who threaten their companies’ bottom lines.

In short, crazy and I are pretty much on a first-name basis.

However, a while ago, something occurred to me: I expect to deal

with crazy every day, because it’s my job. But I suddenly realized

how often you have to face down crazy—not the jump-off-a-balcony,

stalk-Britney-Spears kind of crazy, but what I call everyday crazy.

My “aha” moment occurred when I went to a meeting for estate

planners who needed advice about helping families in crisis. I

expected the event to be a little dry, but instead, I was mesmerized.

I found out that just like me, these people have to “talk to crazy”

every day. In fact, nearly every issue they discussed involved clients

acting completely nuts.

These lawyers had no trouble writing wills and creating trusts.

But what they didn’t know, and desperately needed to know, was

what to do when they can’t stop their clients from acting crazy.

That’s when it dawned on me that everyone—including you—has

this problem. I’m betting that nearly every day, you deal with at least

one irrational person. Maybe it’s a boss who wants the impossible.

Maybe it’s a demanding parent or a hostile teen or a manipulative

coworker or a neighbor who’s always in your face. Maybe it’s a tear-

ful lover or an unreasonable client.

And that’s what this book is all about: talking to crazy.

Now, a word about the word crazy: I know it sounds inflammatory

and totally un-PC. But when I use this word, I don’t mean

mentally ill (although mental illness—which I’ll address separately

in Section 5—certainly causes crazy behavior). And I don’t use the

word crazy to stigmatize one group of people either. That’s because

all of us, at some points in time, are crazy.

What I mean by crazy is irrational. There are four ways in which

the people you deal with can be irrational:

- They can’t see the world clearly.

- They say or think things that make no sense.

- They make decisions and take actions that aren’t in their

best interest.

- They become downright impossible when you try to guide

them back to the side of reason.

In this book, I’ll share my best tricks for breaking through to

people who are irrational in these ways. I’ve used these techniques

to do everything from settling office feuds to rescuing marriages,

and you can use them just as effectively to handle the irrational

people in your life.

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