Creativity & Problem Solving (The Brian Tracy Success Library)

 Creativity & Problem Solving (The Brian Tracy Success Library)

Author: Brian Tracy
Pub Date: October 2014
Print Edition: $9.95
Print ISBN: 9780814433164
Page Count: 112
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814433171

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Chapter 1: The Root Sources

of Creativity

EVERYONE IS creative. Creativity is a natural, spontaneous

characteristic of positive individuals with high self-esteem.

Companies that create a positive working environment

receive a steady flow of ideas from everyone on the staff.

What are the factors that largely determine your creativity?

There are three. The first is your past experiences. What

has happened to you in the past has a major effect on determining

how creative you are in the present.

Influence of the Past

It seems that creative people, because of their backgrounds,

consider themselves to be highly creative. Generating ideas

is normal and natural for them.

Uncreative people, on the other hand, have often had

negative environments, starting in childhood and continuing

through different jobs, where they have generally

accepted that they are not particularly creative at all. Even

when they have good ideas, which they often do, they will

reject or ignore the ideas, believing that if they are the

source, the ideas can't be any good.

When you work (or have worked) for a company where

your ideas are encouraged and stimulated, where your

bosses and coworkers treat your ideas with respect and

interest, you will feel yourself to be more creative in your job.

Power of the Present

The second factor that determines your creativity is your

current situation. Is there a lot of encouragement for new

ideas in your workplace? Do people laugh together and get

involved in discussing ideas together, or are your ideas

ridiculed and criticized?

In the 1990s, Eastman Kodak was a $60 billion company

with 140,000 employees. It dominated the world of film, as

it had for many decades. Then, after many years of work,

the scientists and researchers at Eastman Kodak discovered

a new process called "digital photography" that did not

require the medium of film to take and print photographs.

When they took this discovery to their senior managers,

they were roundly criticized and told, "This idea is no good;

Kodak is a film company and this technology does not

require film."

They were sent back to their offices and laboratories and

told to forget about this new breakthrough technology. The

rest is history. Within a few years, the Japanese camera manufacturers

leaped all over the idea of digital photography,

bringing out new digital cameras one after another, and

soon, Kodak was finished.

The Person You See

The third factor that determines your creativity is your selfimage.

Do you consider yourself to be a creative person? Do

you see yourself as being highly creative, or not? Many studies

indicate that 95 percent of people demonstrate the

potential to perform at high levels of creativity. The work

done by Howard Gardner at Harvard University concluded

that there are several different ways of thinking, and that

each person is a potential genius in at least one area. What

this means is that the key to unlocking your creativity is to

begin to think of yourself as a highly creative person.

The Inner Game

Timothy Gallwey, in his book The Inner Game of Golf,

teaches that the way to become a better golfer is to imagine

that you are already a top golfer and to play golf as if you

were already at championship levels. The very act of thinking

about yourself as an excellent golfer improves your golf

swing and your drive and putting almost immediately.

By the same token, the way to increase your creativity is

to imagine that you are already a highly creative person.

Repeat to yourself, over and over, "I'm a genius! I'm a genius!

I'm a genius!"

Visualize and imagine yourself as a highly creative person.

Imagine that you are so creative that there is no problem

in your world that you cannot solve by using your creative

mind. Imagine that there is no goal that you cannot achieve

by developing ideas for its accomplishment. Imagine that

there is no obstacle that you cannot overcome when you

apply your creative mind, like a laser beam cutting through

steel, to remove the obstacle.

The good news is that everybody is inherently creative.

Creativity is a tool provided by nature to man to ensure survival,

and to deal with the inevitable problems and challenges

of daily life. The only difference is that some people

use a lot of their inborn creativity, and some people use very



1. Identify your biggest single goal in life today. What is it,

and what one action could you take immediately to move

a step closer to that goal?

2. Identify the biggest problem or obstacle standing between

you and your most important goal. What one action could

you take immediately to solve that problem or remove that


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