Get Clients Now! (TM)

A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals, Consultants, and Coaches

 Get Clients Now! (TM)

Author: C. J. Hayden
Pub Date: May 2013
Print Edition: $19.95
Print ISBN: 9780814432457
Page Count: 272
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Third Edition
e-Book ISBN: 9780814432464

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IF YOU ARE READY TO GET CLIENTS NOW, you have come to the right

place. Get Clients Now! is a complete marketing and sales system for consultants,

coaches, and anyone who markets a professional services business.

This book contains a 28-day program for sales and marketing success that has

been road-tested by readers since 1999, and delivered by over 300 licensed

facilitators around the world. The Get Clients Now! system has all the tools

you need to get your marketing efforts unstuck, make an effective action

plan, and start getting more clients.

In this new, third edition, you’ll find the latest marketing approaches for

independent professionals, including social media marketing, Internet marketing,

prospecting and networking online, and integrating your online and

offline marketing tactics. You’ll also find an even stronger emphasis on

building high-touch relationships in our high-tech world; new ideas for

dealing with fear, resistance, and procrastination; fresh contributions from

experts in marketing and motivation; and numerous improvements suggested

by the thousands of readers who have made Get Clients Now! their sales and

marketing bible.

It’s easy to think that there is some hidden secret to successful marketing

and sales. When you consider all the books you could read, seminars you

could take, or consultants you could hire, it makes the process of learning

how to market yourself seem huge, mysterious, or even terrifying. But in fact

there is a simple answer to all your marketing and sales problems, and it’s

right here in this book: The magic formula for professional services marketing

and sales is choosing a set of simple, effective things to do, and doing them

consistently. The Get Clients Now! system will enable you to do just that.


Get Clients Now! is the ideal sales and marketing tool for almost any professional

services provider. Some of the many professionals who will benefit

are: accountants, architects, attorneys, bodyworkers, chiropractors, coaches,

computer professionals, consultants, counselors, designers, engineers,

financial planners, freelancers, health practitioners, insurance and investment

brokers, photographers, real estate agents, recruiters, speakers, therapists,

trainers, and writers. Whether you are a professional marketing your

own services or you have business development responsibilities for your firm,

this book will provide you with a proven system for finding clients.

The Get Clients Now! system is designed to help you market and sell

professional services to either businesses and organizations or individual consumers.

If your service business also markets tangible products, e-products,

or classes and seminars, this book may not be a complete solution. You may

need other references to help answer questions about which marketing

approaches are best for the product or seminar component of your business.

But for creating a customized marketing plan to sell your professional services

or those of your firm, you won’t need to look beyond this book.


Get Clients Now! uses a cookbook model to help you create a sales and

marketing action plan. First, you will discover the Success Ingredients that

are missing from your current marketing and sales activities. Then you will

choose from the Action Plan Menu the specific courses of action you should

take. Detailed recipes for the recommended tactics and tools are provided to

help you successfully implement your plan.

You will get the most value from this book if you commit from the outset

to completing the exercises as you go. Just reading the information presented

here will be helpful, but where marketing is concerned, more learning is

rarely enough to do the trick. You need to choose a direction, take action, and

keep moving forward in order to succeed.

Once your action plan is designed, the 28-day program will put your ideas

into action immediately. Many people who have used the program report

improved results within just a few days. You can use the program quite successfully

by yourself; or to make it even more powerful, team up with a business

buddy, action group, or business coach. And you can repeat the program

as often as you like to continue improving your results.

Throughout the book, you’ll find references to specific services, software,

devices, or websites you might find useful. This information can change

quickly as communication technology and business products continue to

evolve. Keep in mind that the basic principles of marketing don’t change as

quickly as technology and products do. The ideas and approaches behind the

Get Clients Now! system will continue to be valid for years to come, no

matter what new paths marketing or communications may take.

For additional resources on any of the topics discussed in the book,

updates to the book’s content, to download copies of the Get Clients Now!

worksheets, or to find a buddy, group, or coach to help you work the program,

please visit the book’s companion website at

C. J. Hayden, MCC

San Francisco, California

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