The Cultural Intelligence Difference

Master the One Skill You Can't Do Without in Today's Global Economy

The Cultural Intelligence Difference

Author: David Livermore
Pub Date: May 2011
Print Edition: $22.00
Print ISBN: 9780814417065
Page Count: 224
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814417072

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Your success in today’s globalized world requires an ability to

adapt to a variety of cultural situations. Conventional wisdom has

been telling us this for decades. But only in recent years have aca-

demics discovered a proven way to quantify and develop this ability.

It’s called cultural intelligence, or CQ, and it’s defined as the

capability to function effectively in a variety of cultural contexts.

All kinds of people are discovering the possibilities that CQ opens

up for them. But improving your cultural intelligence does require

some commitment and intentionality on your part. Rest easy. The

rewards are well worth the effort.

The world is shrinking. Today, we’re connected to people from

around the globe more than ever before. Fifty years ago, you

could have lived most of your life surrounded by people who

looked like you, believed like you, and saw the world pretty much

the same way you do. A few individuals still manage to pull that

off. But most of us encounter and work with people who look,

believe, and think in radically different ways from us. We’ve

learned that we don’t need to become like whomever we’re with.

But our effectiveness and success is largely dependent on our abili-

ty to adapt to various cultural contexts. When we learn to effec-

tively and respectfully interact with people from diverse cultures,

we strike a gold mine of opportunity for personal and professional


The shifting realities of our rapidly globalized world are well

documented in best-selling books like The World Is Flat by

Thomas Friedman and One World by Peter Singer. Most of us are

well aware that globalization and worldwide connectivity are

lunging forward with racing speed. Here are a few examples:

• 1 billion tourist visas are issued annually, and the number

keeps rising.1

• General Electric calculates that 60 percent of its growth

over the coming decade will come from the developing

world, compared with 20 percent over the past decade.2

• 49 percent of U.S. kids five and younger are children

of color.3

• China will soon be the number-one English-speaking

country in the world.

• 67 percent of international air travel revenue is generated

by Asian and Middle Eastern airlines, and the percentage

is growing annually.4

• More than 1 million university students study abroad


• 4.5 million North Americans participate in religious

international mission trips each year.5

I doubt you’d pick up a book on cultural intelligence if you

weren’t already convinced of our global and multicultural connec-

tivity. But this is a book about you and your life in our borderless

world. To what degree do you possess the capabilities needed to

succeed in this cultural mosaic? Why do some of us succeed while

others fail at cross-cultural effectiveness?

Intercultural success has little to do with your IQ or EQ (emotional

intelligence). It’s primarily dependent on your CQ.

Everyone has a cultural intelligence quotient (CQ), and we can all

improve our CQ. This book, along with the corresponding online

CQ Self-Assessment, will enable you to understand your CQ and

give you the latest tested strategies for improving it.

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