The Marketing Plan

How to Prepare and Implement It

The Marketing Plan

Author: William M. Luther
Pub Date: March 2011
Print Edition: $21.95
Print ISBN: 9780814416938
Page Count: 304
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Fourth Edition
e-Book ISBN: 9780814416945

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The fourth edition of The Marketing Plan differs in a number of

ways from its predecessor, published ten years ago. It includes

ten more years of the experiences and knowledge gained from

helping companies write their marketing plans—in boom

economies and in bust. The book walks you through every part

of the plan, with detailed analysis of case histories. After reviewing

each case, you can insert on the accompanying software

the data for your own company and complete your

marketing objectives and strategies. By the time you finish the

book, you can have a complete, written marketing plan for your

own business.

If you go to the AMACOM website, you can download my

computer marketing plan “what if” software models, free of

charge. These allow you to insert your own data into the files and

see the results for your business. The web address is www For best results and

ease of use, you should download the software to either a CD or

your hard drive. Then you can go try different data until you get

the results you are seeking, such as the most effective positioning

of your business, your best target audience, most favorable

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pricing, sufficient advertising and sales promotion weight, viable

public relations plans, and enviable customer service plans.

This edition can also better help you develop a popular Internet

site and enable you to become a strong player in the new world

of social media.

The software comes in three parts: case history “what if”

files; “what if” files with formulas for inserting your own

company data; and marketing plan (and other) worksheets

where you insert your objectives and strategies. Although the

book discusses each case history, at your leisure you should

bring up these files and alter some of the inserted data and

then look at the resulting outcomes. Practicing on the case

history files will enable you to see how the formulas work before

you start inserting your company data into your own section

of the software.

The software is easy to use. You use a spreadsheet like Microsoft

Excel for the “what if” files and a word processing program

like Microsoft Word for the marketing plan objectives and

strategies and other worksheets. The files that have a “C” in

front of the name are the case histories. The file names that do

not begin with a “C” before the name are the modules into

which you insert your own company data.

When these files are completed, you should print them out

and put them into a document called a “fact book.” This is supporting

data for your objectives and strategies and by inserting

the files in this different document, you keep your actual marketing

plan short and concise—so everyone will read and act

on it. Your fact book will probably number over a hundred

pages and your marketing plan should only consist of your objectives

and strategies and therefore can be less than twenty

pages. The third part of the software, in the folder labeled

“Worksheets,” contains Word files into which you can insert

your objectives and strategies for each component of your

marketing plan, along with other useful worksheets. If you

complete each module as you go through the book, your plan

will be written by the end of the last chapter.

The marketing plan belongs on the top of the desk of

everyone involved with marketing so it can constantly be monitored;

the fact book can go on their shelves. If you began to

miss an objective, you return to the fact book and make the

necessary changes to support your revised objectives and


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