Selling to Anyone Over the Phone

 Selling to Anyone Over the Phone

Authors: Renee P. Walkup, Sandra McKee
Pub Date: September 2010
Print Edition: $17.95
Print ISBN: 9780814414835
Page Count: 224
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Second Edition
e-Book ISBN: 9780814414842

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Introduction: Selling “Double Green”

Years ago, our entrepreneurial ancestors pushed a cart through the

city square to peddle their wares. And the profession of “sales” was

born. The interactions were in person. Face to face. And although many

a peddler burned untold calories pushing his cart around, he left no

effect on the environment in his wake. Since then, many sales evolutions

have taken place. John Deere and his wagon loaded with plows

led to the more modern day with hundreds of thousands of salespeople

on the road driving millions of miles each year to visit customers.

These numbers have steadily risen over time.

With the advent of better train and air travel, we’ve added driving

to stations and airports, hopping on trains as well as planes—just so

we could meet with our customers in person, hoping to close the sale.

And we have been very successful with this method in the past. But

consider this: It costs a company between $100 and $600 dollars for

a salesperson to visit a single customer in person (depending, of

course, on how close together customers are clustered).

A new day has dawned in sales, and with it has come rising travel

costs, increased wait times, and a lower return on investment for individual

sales staff because of the time/money trade-off. Time spent

on planes is not generating revenue. Time spent waiting to see customers

can also eat into return on sales investment because it’s not

direct customer contact time. Not only does selling on the phone virtually

eliminate these concerns, it adds the bonus of being a more

green method of selling.

Or, looking at this another way, the ROI of using the telephone

to sell is far more profitable for companies. More salespeople can be

employed, less waste takes place, and business gets back on track for


One of our clients began an inside sales organization employing

six telephone salespeople in 1994. Her group’s sales grew to around

$500,000 the first year they were in operation. Today, she employs

over eighty inside salespeople and their sales have grown to over $100

million! Her departmental costs are a fraction of the outside sales organization’s.

Every salesperson has a desk and a telephone. Her salespeople

can make dozens of sales calls per day, as compared to outside

reps, who can make a maximum of only ten sales calls daily.

Senior management at this company is thrilled with their results.

Our client’s employees consistently win the sales awards at national

meetings, outselling and outproducing the salespeople who are also

using more of our earth’s resources to accomplish sales. In short, the

company achieves a dramatically better ROI for their inside sales

team than for their outside sales force.

Hence the “double” in “double green”—greener to the planet, and

more green in your pocket.

While you’re taking a more responsible stance toward the future

of the planet by utilizing the telephone more effectively and minimizing

travel costs, you may be wondering why customers prefer to conduct

business over the telephone as well. The answer is simple. Time.

All customers have a limited amount of time to work with salespeople.

If you’ve ever heard “I’m just too busy” from a customer, and you believe

there is sincerity behind those words, then you understand.

Meeting with a sales rep in person means that the customer has

to carve out valuable time away from daily job demands. A phone

call is less time-consuming for him or her, and just as effective for

you (if not more so), than that one-hour face-to-face appointment.

With a focused call, most trained salespeople can accomplish their

call goal in a quarter of the time it would normally take to meet with

the customer in person.

In this Second Edition of Selling to Anyone Over the Phone we

explore how you can maximize your sales, save operating expenses,

and operate “in the green” by using the telephone. Instead of just

telling you to “call, call, and call,” we explain how you can effectively

use the phone to generate business.

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